About Kelly Products
Kelly Products is unique in that our products and services span all segments of the agribusiness industry.

We help leading agrochemical manufacturers formulate winning products and bring them to market more quickly and easily.

We assist departments of agriculture and related agencies with electronic data capture, data tracking and funds collection to drive their operations more simply and efficiently.

We support the consumer segment of agribusiness by providing a wealth of information and assistance that fosters results for gardeners and businesses.

In all of these undertakings, our mission is to provide the highest quality products and services possible and to be trustworthy in all our dealings.

Kelly Products' solutions

    • Turnkey and toll contract packaging and manufacturing for chemical companies
    • A variety of software solutions that deliver intelligence and automation to chemical companies, government agricultural departments and related agencies, general manufacturers and landscapers
    • An online gardening community that assists consumers throughout the U.S. and landscape services for individuals and enterprises in north-central Georgia