Kelly Products Customers

Agrochemical Companies
Leading agrochemical companies rely on Kelly Products for assistance throughout the active product lifecycle, from initial market intelligence through registration and annual renewals. We track all pesticide products used by our customers (and their competitors), automatically notifying them of new data and information from state agencies or the EPA. We completely automate the management of state pesticide registrations and renewals across multiple states, with live consulting support as needed. And we serve as a contract resource for small-package formulation, production and distribution, turnkey or toll according to our customers’ needs.

State Agricultural Departments and Universities
The key to information efficiency is automation, and Kelly Products is the proven expert at automating department of agriculture processes. We automate information flow and payment processing in product registrations, renewals, licensing, permits, certifications, inspections and investigations, and sample collection. Agencies can choose the areas they need to automate, and we cover them with a single platform accessed via the web, with no infrastructure investment required. As a result, agencies can fulfill their duties at a level not possible with paper-based systems, even in the face of contracting budgets.

Consumers and Businesses
For consumers throughout the U.S., Kelly Products’ Gardening123 is an online community that provides gardeners of all skill levels a wealth of information on more than 3,000 plants. Using the website requires only the establishment of a free account and specifying the plants of interest for growing and tracking. Kelly Products’ Great Estates Landscaping company serves residents and businesses within a 40-mile radius of Madison, Georgia with landscape installation and maintenance plus turf grass management developed specifically for southern lawns. 






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