Kelly Products' Commitment to Sustainability
Kelly Products has long been a practitioner of sustainable practices, incorporating green technologies and methodologies wherever possible in our operations, our facilities and our employee garden – a truly unique employee benefit that delivers bounty into our community.

Our Operations

With assistance from an environmental services partner, Kelly Products recycles all possible materials, including cardboard, shrink wrap, loose plastic and super sacks.

Our manufacturing arm, Contract Packaging, Inc., takes the utmost care to ensure the health and safety of our employees, our customers and the environment. Through its recycling efforts, CPI diverts, on average, 33 tons from the landfill every month. 

We are working with local public schools to develop school gardens and locally sourced school salad bars, with an ultimate goal of farm-to-school.

We also work with a group of community stakeholders to bolster our region and promote our community’s farms (as well as business, arts and culture, and more). 

Our People

Kelly Products operates an extensive employee garden which consists of approximately seven acres. An additional eight acres of pasture serves as a production area for free-range poultry and pastured pork. All production areas are managed organically. Currently, we are in the 3-year transition period required for organic certification. The Kelly Products company garden yields approximately 100,000 pounds of produce annually for our employees and their families, with excess donated to local nonprofit organizations. In addition to fruits and vegetables, the garden includes honey, free-range chicken, cage-free eggs and pastured pork.