EPA Pesticide Data

Leverage Regulatory Pesticide Data for Business Advantage

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EPA Pesticide Data Automated and On-Demand

EPA and state agricultural agency databases provide complete product data used by the U.S. pesticide products industry – and those serving the industry  to help better formulate products and business strategies.

Kelly Products' Knowtify provides the data mining capabilities to put that information to use. Via an easy-to-use web portal with flexible on-demand queries and automatic notifications on changes to EPA product registrations, you can:

    • search EPA data
    • search MRID data
    • compare products by sites, pests and states registered
Identify the information you want to track and we will notify you when changes occur.

Participating States

Information and release schedules vary from state to state.


Knowtify’s ability to locate any EPA data that’s needed for any purpose, coupled with its flat-fee pricing for unlimited users and unlimited use, makes it a valuable tool across multiple departments.

Tom Isaac
senior regulatory specialist, Stepan