Kelly Products' Knowtify Plans and FAQs

All Knowtify subscription plans come with unlimited use for any number of users in your organization. Annual subscription pricing is based on your number of registered products. 

1-10 Products  11-50 Products 51-100 Products  100+ Products  Other Industries 
$3,280 $5,600 $8,200 $11,275 Request Quote

We offer a 20% discount for KPRS Gold customers.

Data Delivery. Set your proļ¬le to track changes in EPA or State Data and receive an email when changes occur. Track companies, products, active ingredients, sites and pests.

Data Search. Search EPA Data by company, active ingredient, product name, sites, pests, or a combination of these. Compare the sites, pests, or states registered for any two products. Compare product details by active ingredient and formulation. Compare a group of products by active ingredients, sites and pests.

Document Search. Search for state approved labels and MSDS with full word search of more than 100,000 documents. Search complete set or search by type and state. Find exact phrases.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of subscribing to Knowtify?
    • Unlimited use and users
    • Automatic notifications based on personal profile
    • On-demand searches - 16 different ways to search EPA data; 6 different ways to search MRID data
    • Track any company’s new products
    • Compare 2 products
    • Compare all sites, by chemical name, to your product
    • Search all product by sole or multiple chemical name
    • Find all sub-registered products for a company
    • Accurate, timely data from EPA and 39 states
    • Expert technical support
    • On-site demos and training available. Ask about fees assoicated with training
    • Annual U.S. Pesticide Industry Report and Summary – Price available on request
    • Tailored reports to meet customer needs - Price available upon request

Where does Knowtify data come from?
Knowtify data comes directly from the EPA and states that provide us with their data. We display exactly the data provided by states and EPA and do not attempt to correct any spelling errors or other problems that you may feel are errors. You should directly contact EPA or a state to update your company’s information or correct any errors or typos.

    • EPA data is received monthly
    • Approved and cancelled EPA products are listed
    • Products remain listed until the company submits a letter to the EPA requesting cancellation
    • State data is received from each state’s Department of Agriculture (or equivalent agency)
    • EPA state approved label information dates back to 1964
    • Note: North Dakota (ND) has an electronic label for 100% of their registered pesticide products.
    • Not all states provide label information
    • Search State-Approved Pesticide Label from the Main Menu
    • Depending on each state, posting of new data can vary by state from daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly updates
    • Currently 39 states provide data to Knowtify: click here to see current map of participating states
    • We are requesting label information from the remaining states

How can I find an in-commerce label for a specific product?
Knowtify displays state labels for many states, however, not all states have electronically approved labels. For example, North Dakota has approved 100% of their labels. If the product you wish to review is registered in ND you will be able to access the label.

What are the basics of using Knowtify?

  1. Automatic Delivery Notification through personal profile
  2. On-Demand Searches 

You can receive automatic delivery by either email or text messaging of the data you want to see on a regular basis. You are notified every time there is a change in any of the criteria that you set up for your personal profile. You can adjust or change your profile at any time. Every Knowtify user in your company sets their own personal profile for the information they need for their department.