Pesticide Inspection & Record Keeping Software

Kelly State Inspection and Investigation System

Kelly Products supports state agencies with proven, hosted automation that helps them accomplish more, even in the face of contracting budgets. KSIIS (Kelly State Inspection and Investigation System) uses the same database as our KSAMS (Kelly State Administrative Management System) solutions to extend paperless data capture and processing to the field. This enables thorough, automated inspections and investigations according to custom terminology and business rules. 

When there is no Internet connection available, KSIIS works in “offline” mode to capture information for later syncing with a master database and sharing with other Kelly Registration Systems' solutions. The result is greater accuracy, faster processing and the ability to automate inspections of pesticides, feed, seed, fertilizer, weights and measures anytime, anywhere, including sample collection and integration with LIMS for sample results. 


    • Supports multiple inspection types.
    • Pre-filled data fields and license look-ups with past infractions, inspections and results.
    • Unique tracking numbers linking inspectors to pertinent data.
    • Capture business owner’s signature on a tablet-PC, then locks the record.
    • Digital photographs and other electronic documents can be attached along with a case narrative.
    • Collected samples receive unique numbers, GPS locations.
    • Receipts are generated for samples, as well as bar-coded weatherproof labels.
    • Sample chain of custody is maintained and lab results are linked to case reports.
    • Assign complaints to the appropriate inspectors.
    • Permission-based and role-defined workflow management.
    • All actions associated with each case are tracked in the audit table.

    • Task lists are generated to manage workflow between the office and inspectors/investigators.
    • Automatically generate and print Notice of Correction (NOC) and Notice of Intent forms and track reminders.
    • Look up registered products by barcode, generate stop-sales/CDOs, and indicate violation found and corrective action for NOC.
    • Print, fax or email letters, reports, case histories, stop-sale notices, and more.
    • Track all parties involved in inspections/investigations.
    • Track and download public disclosure requests as well as manage the process to fulfill requests.
    • Time and mileage is tracked on a case-by-case basis.
    • Create inspections associated with existing business licenses (from KSAMS or your data) to minimize data entry.
    • Generate EPA form 5700 reports and numerous county and district reports.
    • Integration with Lab Information Management System.
We completed more than 1,000 pesticide inspections for the second year in 2012. I think much of it has to do with investments in the Kelly enforcement software that allows us to be more efficient. A key benefit of the software is being able to better analyze inspection data to identify areas of non-compliance and to identify trends.

Jim Gray
Pesticide & Fertilizer division director, North Dakota Department of Agriculture