Services and Interface

EPA Data Conversion
KRS development staff will provide you with the most current data from the EPA website to assist you with initial system setup. 

Cost: $500 (available free of charge if contract is signed within 60 days)

Custom Development
KRS development staff will recreate your company documents, such as check request forms, company letterhead and custom reports, to be printed directly from the KPRS program.

Cost: $165 per hour
Advance estimate of cost is provided.

Interface to Enterprise Software 
Data in the KPRS-Gold system can be exported into a text (or other format) file, which can then be imported directly into your company’s SAP program. This process helps to ensure the 'release for sale' of newly approved products as soon as possible, and also reduces the chances of releasing a product for sale into a state where the product may be canceled. 

Once the data is updated in KPRS Gold, users can manually create SAP Export files or be prompted to do so upon exiting the program. Depending on your preference, this export and import procedure can be conducted once a day or multiple times per day. 

Cost: Increase current monthly lease rate by 20%

Corporate intranet interface - Internal communications tool that offers all departments access to registration information
The data in KPRS Gold can be also exported into HTML files that can be incorporated into your company's intranet. This addition allows employees, in addition to the regulatory group, to have 24/7 access to information regarding product registrations. The exported web pages allow users to view products in a particular state, or a single product, and all states that have activity with the product.

The intranet Interface has proven to be a valuable tool for sales departments, as they can obtain desired information on their own time without calling regulatory for verification of a product's registration status. 

The intranet Interface process can be executed manually or, most commonly (depending on user preference), users will be prompted to execute the program upon exiting KPRS Gold. This reminder system allows for up-to-date information to be created for your intranet. 

Cost: Increase current monthly lease rate by 10%