Frequently Asked Questions Online Product Renewals & Registrations

Select from the programs and areas listed below to view frequently asked questions. If you need additional support, please refer to technical support for our various programs. 

Document and UPC Submit
Is there a fee to submit documentation and UPCs through KRS Document Submit?
No, this service is free for all registrants and states.

What is the purpose of Document Submit?
Document Submit allows registrants to submit updated documentation, such as in-commerce product labels and MSDS's, to participating states electronically. After participating states approve the labels, they will be uploaded and linked to state data on, where they will be accessible by any interested party.  

What file format should I use for Document Submit?

All files submitted must be PDF files. 

Can I send the same label to more than one state at one time?
After a product label is submitted to a state, you will have the option to send the same document to other states where the same product is registered. MSDS’s are automatically assigned to states based on the EPA number. 

What is the purpose of UPC Submit?

UPC (Universal Product Code) is a numerical digit assigned to most retail products. The number consists of a specific code assigned both to the company that owns the registration and the product name and size. Barcode is often used as a synonym for a UPC To aid in accurate field inspection reporting, state departments request UPCs with product registrations and renewals. UPC Submit allows you to submit this information electronically to participating states.  

My products have more than one UPC. How can I enter each UPC?
UPC Submit allows you to enter multiple codes for each product. Enter up to 10 UPCs first and then you will be given the opportunity to submit 10 additional UPCs.

What happens to the documents and UPCs that I send to the state?
The documents will be available for the state to review electronically. After the state's approval, the documentation will be made available on, where the general public may obtain information on that product, including the MSDS or product label.  

Where does the product listing come from?
Each participating state supplies Kelly Registration Systems with data directly from their own tracking programs on a scheduled basis.  

How current are the lists for products?
Most states send updates weekly or bi-weekly.  

When can I update documentation?
Revised labeling may be uploaded at any time. 
Electronic Product Registration and Renewal
How does the electronic registrations process work?
Through, Kelly Registration Systems (KRS) allows companies to submit new product registrations and renewal information to participating states. Fees and the registration data are submitted electronically. Registrants are also able to upload supporting documentation (such as product labels or a MSDS) that is also provided to participating states.  
Will I receive my approval notice from the state faster if I use electronic registrations than if I send my registrations by mail?
The time it takes to receive registration confirmation varies by state, depending on internal procedures. However, by providing the data to the state electronically, states will be able to review registrant data more quickly and accurately.    

Can I register new products when product renewals are due?
For participating states, new product registrations may be submitted during renewal season. Participating states will apply your new registration to the current renewal year, or to the upcoming one, depending upon their statutes or internal procedures. 

When will the state receive my registration?
If payment is made by credit card, the funds and data will be sent to applicable states on the following business day.   If payment is made by check or ACH, the registration data will be held for five business days to ensure that funds are sufficient, and on the following business day, the funds and data will be submitted to the state.

What states are available for renewal?
States that are currently available for renewals or new registrations will be listed on the log-in screen.  Select the type of registration you wish to process at, and a list of currently active states will be provided on your log-in screen.  For renewals, this list will change throughout the year, as states begin and end their standard renewal cycles.  

Will I get a confirmation of approval?
KRS will send a confirmation of your registration submission to the email address listed with your account. The state will send confirmation of approvals electronically or by paper format, depending on the state's preference. 

Will I be able to print a copy of my submission?
At the end of the process, you will be able to print a copy of your transaction, including the product names, EPA ID numbers, (if applicable) and the status of each product (whether products were registered as new products, renewed, discontinued, or canceled). A copy of the receipt will also be emailed to the email address listed in your account contact information.   

How can I confirm that my payment has been received?
When your order is considered to be paid (immediately when payment is submitted by credit card, or once KRS receives and processes a check or ACH payment), you may log back into the program and click the link for View Order History, to verify that payment has been applied to the order.  If payment has not been received for any outstanding order, reference to the transaction will be provided on the first screen, once a registrant logs back into the website.

Will I get my certificate of registration by email?
Most states will send confirmation of approvals in the same manner to which you are accustomed; however, some states do send an electronic approval notice, in lieu of the paper certificate. 

How can I pay for electronic registrations and renewals?
Payment may be made by ACH, credit card or check. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. If you elect to pay by check or ACH, we require a five-business day holding period, to ensure that funds are sufficient, before we can apply the payment to process your order. Once your payment has cleared, we will submit the data and appropriate funds to each state

Can I send KRS my data, and send my check to the state?
No. The payment and renewal data must be submitted to KRS.

What is the mailing address for payment by check?
Kelly Registration Systems, 14481 Lochridge Boulevard, Covington, GA 30014

How is my check matched with my renewal order?
For check orders, please be sure to write your order number on the memo line of the check, or include a copy of your receipt with your check submission.

How can I be sure that my debit or credit card information is transmitted securely?
Kelly Registration Systems uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) through VeriSign for ACH and credit/debit card transactions, to ensure that all information is transmitted securely. 

Is there a limit on how much I can charge on a credit card?
There are no limits imposed by KRS. However, limits may be imposed by the bank that holds the credit card account.  Reasons typically include the renewal amount exceeding the maximum limit allowed on the card, exceeding a maximum limit allowed per business day, or the bank may need for you to verify that KRS is an authorized and approved vendor. Should you receive an error with your credit card payment, please contact the issuing bank for assistance.  

Is there a limit on the payment amount for ACH transactions?
Our bank allows a calendar week maximum of $150,000 per banking account.  This amount may be reached in a single transactions or multiple transactions. 

Can I cancel an order? 
If KRS has not received payment for your order, it may be canceled.  Simply email us at with a request to cancel your order, and include the order number for reference.  If KRS has received payment, the order cannot be canceled.

When do I need to submit payment?
This deadline will vary by state. Some states allow registrants to process their electronic renewals through KRS, up to the day before the registrations expire. For a majority of states, particularly the end-of-year renewal states, KRS must submit information and payments one business day prior to the state's deadline. Orders that are created / processed on the deadline imposed by the state will be charged any applicable late fees. As a reminder, payments by check or ACH must be received by KRS, no later than five business days prior to the state's expiration date. Any applicable late fees will be added to orders where payment has not been received within this time period. 
ACH Transactions
What is an ACH transaction?
ACH payments are financial transactions handled through the Automated Clearing House, a network which processes very large volumes of transactions in the United States. The network through which ACH payments are made is highly reliable and efficient, and is one of the safest ways to send money electronically. 

Are there processing fees associated with an ACH transaction?
While users will still pay applicable per-product convenience fees, there are no additional processing fees assessed for providing payment via ACH

How do I pay by ACH?

When you are ready to pay, you will select the pay by ACH button. You will be given instructions on how to pay by ACH. You will need your banking account and routing numbers, as well as the zip code of the bank holding the account.   Please note that currently, the maximum payment that may be applied via ACH is $150,000.00 per week, per checking account.  Orders that exceed this amount will need to be paid by another payment method.  However, your issuing bank may have additional restrictions on the per-transaction amount or daily/weekly amount that may be charged.

What is your Debit Filter ID?
The debit filter ID for Kelly Registration Systems is 3383693141.

Security, Privacy and Technical Support
Who is Kelly Registration Systems (KRS), and what services do they provide?
KRS works with states to automate the renewals and registrations process and process funds electronically. Registrants can conveniently pay renewal fees using a credit or debit card. And, KRS offers the flexibility to process multiple states at the same time, allowing companies to combine renewal information into one order and one payment.   

How do I contact technical support for electronic product registrations and renewals?

Should you have technical support questions concerning electronic product registrations, contact the Customer Service Department at KRS, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, at 800-803-5777 or email us at

Are there certain times that the Erenewals and new product registrations are not available online?
The Erenewals and new product registrations tools on are available 24/7. However, most states only allow for products to be renewed during, and shortly after their standard renewal time period. 

Who can access my data?
Each company (or their acting agent) registered in the state is given a unique username and password. Each company/agent only has access to his own registration data.

Will KRS share my information?
No. All data will be kept strictly between Kelly Registration Systems and the state.  Upon occasion, you may receive an email notice if a new state participates in an electronic renewal/registration program. However, your information will never be shared with or sold to a third party.  

I lost my password. How can I retrieve it?
You may contact the Customer Service Department at KRS, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, at 800-803-5777 or email us at
I do not have any companies registered currently. How can I get a password for my new company?
At this time, Electronic Registrations is available only to companies currently registered in participating states. However, some of our participating states are linked to our network, and if a state administrator in these locations creates a company record for you, the username and password assigned to that company may then be used to register products for all of our participating states.   The list of states will vary based on program/license type.  For further assistance, please contact KRS at 800-803-5777 or email us at

I have companies already registered in participating states, but I don't know what my password is. How can I get it?
You may contact the Customer Service Department at KRS, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, at 800-803-5777 or email us at

How can I be sure that my ACH or debit/credit card information is transmitted securely?
Kelly Registration Systems uses SSL through VeriSign for debit and credit card transactions, to ensure that all information is transmitted securely.

State Data
Not all states are participating. Why is that?
All states have the ability to participate in Document Submit; however, some states do not participate because they require a more lengthy process to receive electronic documents. 

Can I do anything to expedite the process of electronic Document Submit for states that are not participating?
You are welcome to call or write to the appropriate state department, to express an interest in submitting documents, new registrations or renewals electronically. 

What is the purpose of providing public registration data on
The data is posted to give states, registrants and consumers quick access to state registration and licensing information. The data may be accessed by anyone free of charge.  

Where does the data in come from?
Each participating state supplies KRS with data directly from their own tracking programs on a scheduled basis.

Can I get a copy of a product's MSDS or label from
If a copy has been provided to KRS and then reviewed and approved by a state administrator, documents will be available on the public website.  To locate documents, please select a state from our list of participants, and perform a search for the specific product.  (You may wish to search for the company and then view all products associated with the company, if an exact product name match cannot be found.)  Upon locating the desired product, click the link to view product specific information.  If documentation has been provided to KRS for the product in question for the selected state, links to download the documentation will be provided.  KRS will also provide users with a link to the stamped, accepted EPA label.

How current is the data?
Most states send data on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. For all states, the data is as current as the files provided by the state. In the lower left hand corner of each search feature, the date of the last conversion update will be posted for your reference 

Is there a fee to access state data on
No, this service is free of charge for all registrants and states.

Who can I contact for further information?
You are welcome to contact the Customer Service Department at KRS, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, at 800-803-5777 or email us at