Kelly Products' Inventory Tracking & Control Software

MRP-II is our proprietary software solution for tracking inventory, production and the shipping of your products. It enables us to track inventory through the entire manufacturing and shipping process via unique bar codes, and have real-time access to inventory counts of raw materials, staged inventory, WIP or finished goods. MRP-II can also track valuations by silo, pallet, case or individual unit, and has modules for QC/quarantine, employee time-tracking with touch-screen clock-in/out, shrinkage and loss, annual inventory and cycle-counting, and management reports.

MRP-II tracks production by pallet barcode, batch number, lot number or multiple bill-of-materials per finished goods item key. Once a truck is loaded and the pallets are scanned, MRP-II instantly generates bills of lading after a separate verification process that is customized for each client’s system (e.g., lot-number algorithms).

Our Tracking & Inventory Management Systems Include:

    • System generated or vendor-supplied barcodes for tracking through shipment
    • Track production by pallet barcode, batch number, lot number or multiple bill-of-materials
    • Generate bills of lading without additional data entry for raw materials or finished goods
    • Barcodes scanned for finished goods, marked as “finished” so a bill of lading can be generated after a separate verification process
    • Quarantine any raw material or finished good and track the resolution (re-work, return, dispose)
    • Track raw materials in silos or in pallets, cases or by units
    • Annual inventory counts compare on-hand quantity to back-office accounting data
    • Multiple management reports for daily production and cost analysis
    • Material requirements planning allows reorder levels to suggest quantities
    • Access inventory amounts, location and distribution
    • Track inventory from multiple vendors (e.g. valuations, PPE equipment, etc.)