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Let us guide you from uncertainty to alignment.

As a leader in your organization or community, it’s ultimately your responsibility to ensure your teams and individuals are properly aligned and aware of the goals for the future and of the strategies that will lead there.

Kelly Consulting offers proven strategies to eliminate uncertainty in strategic planning and talent management by improving your understanding of what is needed to meet your goals.

An Alignment Dream

The team at Kelly Consulting are trained and certified in StratOp—the strategic planning process that combines Strategy and Operations. This process is a proven method that has helped countless organizations find clarity in their business goals and action plans where it was murky before.

StratOp focuses on the here and now with a firm eye on the future. It goes beyond business consulting and typical strategic planning, delving deeper into the core fabric of an organization’s people, visions, and goals to build living, highly practical strategies. With StratOp, identifying challenges, shaping directives, and clearly defining action plans has never been easier.

Complete Talent Optimization

Your organization can only thrive when the right teams, made of the right people, are working together seamlessly. Yet unsurprisingly, we all have different working styles. How do we cope? We find people who work most effectively together to achieve the goals outlined in planning. Ask yourself:

The Predicitive Index is a robust 360-degree talent management tool proven to help you build and lead a healthy and strong team. Through this process and with this tool, leaders learn how to hire, inspire, and train their teams, selecting the best new members and engaging current members properly to promote alignment and provide growth.

Three Processes. Unlimited Success.

True organizational alignment begins with one ‘yes’.


Build a custom strategy that
gets implemented


Build your talent to
execute your strategy


Step into opportunity with
confidence and clarity