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From Cow to Cone, Rock House Creamery is Perfecting the Craft of Creamline Ice Cream

>>Local creamery creating ice cream with an old-fashioned twist

COVINGTON, GA – (August 1, 2019) – Rock House Creamery, a family farm, owned and operated by the Kelly family, has put the “cream” back in the word “ice cream” with their old-fashioned spin on a timeless treat. With an array of artisan dairy products including creamline whole milk, chocolate milk, buttermilk, and aged cheeses, ice cream is the newest addition to Rock House Creamery products and its release has not disappointed.

“Ice cream is only as good as the ingredients you use and the most important ingredient is the milk—in our case, Rock House Creamery creamline whole milk. It’s the key to making a great tasting, high quality ice cream,” says Hillary Aaron, executive chef, Farmview Market.

“Creamline milk is one of the most natural forms of milk. It is pasteurized, but not homogenized which means the cream rises to the top, giving our ice cream an old-fashioned, rich flavor,” says Aaron.  

After months of exploration and development, the Rock House Creamery team found just the right metrics to breathe new life into homemade ice cream. They’ve created a combination of classic flavors, seasonal flavors, and several unique flavors that showcase the brand’s story.

“We love having our hands on each step of the process from raising our animals to creating unique, fresh dairy products. We have a small but dedicated team in place and are steadily increasing our supply capabilities and expanding our product line. ,” says Keith Kelly, CEO, Kelly Products.

The first flight of flavors includes Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Strawberry, Butter Walnut, Cinnamon Roll and Bird Dog Becky.

Ice cream lovers can look forward to new, seasonal flavors to roll out this fall. Rock House Creamery ice cream can be found at local retailers around the state.

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About Rock House Creamery

Rock House Creamery specializes in offering delicious and unique dairy products to our local and regional communities. Built on the foundation of a family farm started in 1940, we are continuing the tradition of producing the highest quality products, through tried and simple methods, using the strictest quality standards. For more information, visit rockhousecreamery.com.