KPRS Gold Enhancement Updates

KPRS-Gold 2017.02 update

You must be on version 2017.01 before installing 2017.02

Please note: We recommend that you perform a data backup prior to the installation of any KPRS-Gold update.

Version 2017.02 Update,  March 2017      Notes

Enhancement Archives

Select the link below for the appropriate update that is needed.  Please remember that all updates must be done in the order in which they are released and that you must log in between each update. If you do not receive a confirmation report upon logging in after each update,  please contact technical support at 800-803-5777 or before continuing.

Version 2017.01 Update,   January 2017       Notes

Version 2016.13 Update,   November 2016       Notes

Version 2016.12 Update,   November 2016       Notes

Version 2016.11 Update,   November 2016       Notes

Version 2016.10 Update,   October 2016       Notes

Version 2016.09 Update,   October 2016       Notes

Version 2016.08 Update,   September 2016      Notes

Version 2016.07 Update,    August 2016  Notes

Version 2016.06 Update,   July 2016      Notes

Version 2016.05 Update,   May 2016      Notes

Version 2016.04 Update,   May 2016      Notes

Version 2016.03 Update,   March 2016    Notes  

Version 2016.02  Update,   March 2016      Notes  

Version 2016.01  Update,   February 2016      Notes 

Version 2015.17 Update,  December 2015      Notes 

Version 2015.16 Update,  December 2015      Notes

Version 2015.15 Update,  November 2015      Notes  

Version 2015.14 Update,  November 2015      Notes 

Version 2015.13 Update,  November 2015      Notes

Version 2015.12 Update,  October 2015      Notes

Version 2015.11 Update,  October 2015      Notes  

Version 2015.10 Update,  October 2015      Notes  

Version 2015.09 Update,  September 2015      Notes  

Version 2015.08 Update,  July 2015      Notes 

Version 2015.07 Update,  June 2015      Notes  


Downloading the KPRS Gold Update

  • Right click on the link above titled “Download KPRS Gold Update.”
  • Save the file in a directory that you will be able to locate after the initial download. Please be sure to avoid locations with spaces in the path name.
  • Once you have selected the appropriate directory, select “Save.”

Installing the Update

  • First, please be certain that you are currently running the previous version of the software. To check the version number, please log into the software. On any menu screen, the version number is visible in the lower right hand corner of the menu. If you still need previous enhancements, please click here.
  • Log all users out of the software. (They must remain out during the update procedure).
  • From your Windows Desktop, click on “Start” and then on “Run,” or you may access the file through Windows Explorer.
  • In the “Open” box, click on “Browse.”
  • To the right of the “Look In” box, you will see a down arrow.
  • Click that arrow, to highlight the drive where you saved the .exe file
  • Once highlighted, click on the drive to merge it into the “look in” box.
  • The contents of the white box below will change. Continue clicking on folders as appropriate, until you can see the appropriate installation file.
  • Double click on this file, which will take you back to the “Open” box. The path name of the file will now be listed.
  • Click “OK” to proceed.
  • The installation program will begin. Please follow the prompts accordingly. Note that the default installation path is c:\kprs\reg. If your software is located elsewhere, please edit this path to reflect your correct location.
  • When the files have been installed, please close the installation program.
  • Double click on your KPRS Gold icon to access the program, and log in as usual.
  • A restructuring process will begin.
  • When finished, you will be prompted with a confirmation sheet. Please print this sheet and fax it to our office, so we may update our records accordingly. The fax number will be listed on your confirmation sheet.
  • Review the Enhancement List for information on form and fee changes that are included in this update.
  • It is highly recommended that once the update has been successfully installed, that you locate the exe file in Microsoft Explorer and delete the file from your hard drive.