A complete solution for tracking inventory, production and shipping of your products.


Gain control of daily production efficiency and costs with full back-office integration.

  • Barcoding

    Use internally generated or vendor-supplied barcodes for tracking products through shipment.

  • Finished goods tracking

    Scan barcodes as finished goods are put on trucks and marked as “finished,” so a bill of lading can be generated after a separate verification process.

  • Annual inventory

    Compare annual inventory counts with on-hand quantities and back-office accounting data.

  • Multiple tracking methods

    Gain real-time visibility to inventory counts of raw materials, staged inventory, WIP or finished goods.

  • Quarantine capability

    Quarantine any raw material or finished good and track the resolution—re-work, return, dispose.

  • Employee time tracking

    Use touch-screen clock-in/out for accurate tracking of worker time.

  • Bill generation

    Generate bills of lading without additional data entry for raw materials or finished goods

  • Raw material tracking

    Easily track valuations by silo, pallet, case or individual unit.

  • Material planning

    Sharpen material requirements planning through suggested quantities for re-orders.

Unparalleled Service and Support

Production and shipping of agrochemical products are complex processes that can easily get out of control. MRP2 helps you take control, increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve accuracy. Our service and support teams stand ready to assist you every step of the way. We’ll work to ensure our systems fit the way you do business.


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