Our automated solution to the time-consuming manual process of registering and renewing pesticides makes the process easier than ever. 

As a KPRS Gold user, you simply enter your information one time and select the preferred states for registration or renewal.

KPRS Gold can print Section 3 registration forms for each state with fee calculations. 

For new product registrations, enter any additional required information and the system allows you to upload such associated documents as product labels, MSDSs, CSFs and EPA Stamped Approved labels before printing forms and emailing document revisions. 

For renewals, create KPRS Gold renewal reports for easy tracking.

KPRS Gold offers full integration with SAP and intranet applications, can track multiple companies and business units and is updated frequently during renewal season.


    • Create pesticide registration forms and renewal reports quickly and easily.
    • Section 3 forms for all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
    • Minimum quarterly updates to the forms database for full compliance with each state’s requirements.
    • Automatic fee calculation of state-specific fees.
    • Robust reporting engine to generate standard, consolidated and special-needs reports.
    • Full document management and archival via the Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
    • Enter EPA data on each product, supporting states that require A.I.s submissions.
    • Enter state-specific information, including expiration dates.
    • Product UPC codes can easily be entered to meet state requirements.
    • Enter identical formulations under alternate brand names to accurately calculate the fees.

    • Enter EPA establishment numbers for printing state forms.
    • Emergency Use Products (EUP) Registrations, Special Local Need (SLN) Registrations and 2(ee) Tracking.
    • Enter sales data to calculate the mil tax and sales reporting in specific states.
    • Secure access with username and password authorization.
    • Registration status by state.
    • Updates to maintain state form requirements as they change.
    • User prompts for various required information on new product forms.
    • Generate check requests and create check request forms (form customization available for an additional fee).
    • Customized programming feature to interface with your SAP enterprise software (requires additional fee).