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EPA Pesticide Data

EPA Pesticide
Product Database

Manufacturers struggle to keep up with competitors by simply failing to keep up with regulatory changes. Often, the manufacturers with the best business intelligence have the leg up when it comes to regulatory data, product registrations, and compliance. Our EPA Pesticide Product Database, Knowtify, provides this ease-of-access to the most useful and up-to-date pesticide regulatory data available.

Knowtify keeps manufacturers updated on pesticide regulatory data

Knowtify got its name from its ability to send automatic notifications when data changes, taking the pressure off the regulatory staff to keep up with existing or new competition in the marketplace.

How You’ll Use Knowtify

Build a custom search, save that search, and re-run it later to save time.

Export and print all regulatory data on a company, product, or MRID with a single click.

Easily compare registered sites and pests on any two or more products.

Filter any data fields to ensure you’re keeping track of the most relevant data for your search.

Knowtify’s pesticide regulatory data can be used across your company’s different departments.

Every company license allows an unlimited number of users. Additionally, each user can use it as much as they want with no limitations.

Brand Managers use Knowtify to help their products stand out from the competition

Helping your brand compete among other pesticide manufacturers often comes down to realizing how your product is different from the others. Knowtify keeps brand managers informed of product data and new competitors. You can also directly compare labels side-by-side, allowing you to see what active ingredients, sites, and pests they list.

Knowtify’s pesticide regulatory data is vital for Sales and Marketing

Set up a no-obligation demo to see what Knowtify can provide your company

We can walk you through the tool and answer any questions you may have with a quick, 30-minute demonstration. If Knowtify feels like the solution your company needs, we also offer training for all of your departments to help you get everything out of the tool to help your organization grow.