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Bridging the Gap Between
Governments and Registrants

Automated Digital Solutions for Agrochemical Registrants

Traditionally, registering and renewing chemical and agrochemical has been an ever-changing complex process. New regulations and additional processes are normal occurrences that have historically caused confusion and delays among companies seeking to register new products or renew existing products within different states. After a wealth of experience navigating these processes, Kelly Products has worked to provide simplified, digital solutions for registrants by developing partnerships with 33 state departments of agriculture to more effectively and efficiently register and renew their products.

Product Registration Portal for Registrants

Kelly Products created Kelly Registration Systems to help provide solutions for both states’ departments of agriculture as well as the registrants working directly with them. Over time, Kelly has developed an online portal for registrants to directly submit new product registrations or renew product registrations. Additionally, KRS created a “one-stop-shop” process by allowing registrants to register in multiple states at once.

This technology has paved the way for registrants to eliminate much of the guesswork that goes with the registration and renewal process in favor of safe and expedited digital solutions.


Kelly’s offering for companies capable of independently registering and renewing products is KPRS Gold. This automated solution is fully integrated with all 50 states as well as Washington, DC. KPRS Gold allows for secure access to proprietary information so that registrants can automatically generate forms for their preferred states and expedite the registration and renewal process.

KPRS Gold has additionally added capabilities to automate fee calculations, EPA data conversions, and custom training for your staff.

Product Registration and Renewals

For companies without an internal team or who simply choose to outsource product registrations, Kelly Regulatory Consulting offers full-service registration and renewals for products including:

Allow the capable team at Kelly Regulatory Consulting to take these processes off your hands and allow you to remain focused on developing great products.

Do-it-yourself licensing and renewal with departments of agriculture in 50 states and Washington, DC.