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Christmas Lighting &
Holiday Decorating Services

Professionally designed and installed to meet your needs

Take the Hassle of Your Holidays

There are few better ways to bring the joy of the holiday season to life than with professionally installed and maintained holiday lighting and decorating. Christmas Décor by Great Estates’s expertely trained team works with you through every step of the process to ensure you ring in the holidays as festively as you choose. We promise to provide:


Shine brightest on your block

The holiday season is a special time for so many, bringing families and friends together to share time together. We help you showcase your holiday spirit through professional lighting and decoration installation. Our trained designers and installers work with you to bring your Winter Wonderland dreams to life exactly as you imagined.

Let us do the hard work in the colder weather and with riskier light-hanging projects on the roof so you can spend more time inside with your loved ones!


Give your business the attention it deserves

The holiday season is vital to so many businesses. Festive holiday lighting and decorations, when done well, will lift your employees’ and buyers’ spirits, creating a better atmosphere and encouraging holiday shopping. With professionally installed and maintained holiday lighting and decorations, you’ll stand out against your competition and see an increase in foot traffic to your store or business.

We’ll install your decorations, maintain them throughout the season, and finally, take down and store everything for you once the season has passed.

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