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Helping Governments Serve Their States

Automated Digital Solutions for Departments of Agriculture

The agrochemical and agribusiness worlds continue to rapidly expand, demanding more fluidity and expedience among state departments of agriculture. Since 1993, Kelly Products has provided solutions to help solve these evolving challenges by digitally bridging the gap between governments and registrants.

With Kelly Registration Systems, Kelly Products has developed relationships with 33 State Departments of Agriculture. In each state, we help alleviate much of the strain brought on by traditional paper-based registration and renewal methods by allowing registrants the simplicity of renewing online.

Agricultural Automation Software for Governments

Kelly Products has developed proven automation that assists governments even in the face of shrinking budgets. The Kelly State Administration Management System (KSAMS) automates product registration and licensing through a single database for your department and all registrants and licensees. Among KSAMS offerings, we can provide a back-office complement to our online product registration and renewals software (KSAMS-pr) as well as a companion product for business, dealer, and individual licensing and agriculture permits (KSAMS-bdi).

In addition to KSAMS, Kelly Products continues to develop fully digital solutions for departments of agriculture facing new-world challenges.

Agriculture Tax Exemption Cards

In a continued effort to provide efficient online solutions for governments’ departments of agriculture, Kelly Products and Kelly Registration Systems has rolled out services for the online application and renewal of Agriculture Tax Exemption cards. The Tax-Exempt program offers:

The Kelly Registration Systems team even handles all printing and mailing for the new cards.

Registration and Licensing for Hemp Farmers, Growers, and Handlers

Demand for registration and licensing solutions for hemp growers has heightened. And as production increases, digital solutions are required. Kelly Products has developed these solutions to help properly handle this growing need.

Livestock Brand Registration

Another digital solution Kelly Products has helped introduce is automated cattle brand registration. While the registration tool was designed for and functions as a facilitator for states’ departments of agriculture, it has allowed governments to quicken the pace of commerce for the cattle business.

This digital solution helps livestock producers more efficiently expedite the review and registration of new brands and manage their business.

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