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Georgia Cattlemen Initiate Feasibility Study

A group of cattlemen in the state of Georgia think that enhanced producer control might mean opportunity for one of Georgia’s largest commodities. That’s why they want to look at the supply chain and decide if there’s a better way to “finish” cattle here and give local farmers the opportunity to grow the estimated $3 billion industry.

Led by the Georgia Cattlemen’s Association, a group of like-minded businesses have commissioned a feasibility study to determine if statewide finishing and processing facilities—which local cattlemen could own an interest in—makes strong economic sense. The University of Georgia’s Center for Economic Development and Agribusiness is conducting the study.

“We’re looking at this as a way to grow agriculture, the cattle business, and to create jobs in Georgia’s rural communities,” said Keith Kelly of Kelly Products and Farmview Market, located in Madison, Georgia. “This is just the beginning—the study will help us determine if we should keep moving forward.”


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