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New App Simplifies Dealer Business for Outdoor Manufacturers

>>Kelly Brand Management’s Dealer Pro App Delivers a Robust Business Tool for Dealers while Streamlining Sales Management with this historically Challenging Industry Segment

Atlanta, GA – February 4, 2019 – One of the major challenges facing Hunting, Fishing, and Outdoor sales agencies is servicing the dealer business. With more than 2,500 U.S. dealers, both the size of this segment and its fragmented nature have made it prohibitive for the majority of sales agencies to service the business affordably and effectively. The current model leaves manufacturers frustrated with a lack of results, while sale agencies struggle to be profitable.

Kelly Brand Management (KBM), a sales, marketing, and business management consultancy for the Sporting Goods/Outdoor industry, recently released Dealer Pro, an app designed to streamline business between dealers and manufacturers, increasing sales opportunities for both parties. The app recently launched and has received strong, positive initial feedback.

“In the 35 years I’ve been involved in the Outdoor/Sporting Industry, the KBM Dealer App is the most innovative solution I’ve seen that gives manufacturers the ability to reach the dealer base on an as-needed, real-time basis, and deliver information regarding their products, programs, pricing, special offers, product training and more,” said Joel Bell, president, Kelly Brand Management. “Manufacturers will no longer have to rely on a sales agency or person that represents 20-30 various clients and doesn’t have the time or ability to represent them to their Dealers because they focus on their largest clients. The app will allow all dealers the insight they need to make informed buying decisions as our clients can reach them in an instant.”

Key benefits and features of the app include:

  • More dealer touchpoints for manufacturers/sales reps – Push notifications will alert dealers instantly to a variety of information including new products, closeouts, rebates, trade show details, hot buys or order updates.
  • Marketing and sales information easily disseminated from manufacturer to dealers – Information will be categorized by manufacturer and will include advertising plans, in-store marketing, displays, MAP (minimum advertised price) holidays and any other assortment changes from the manufacturer.
  • Similarly, dealers will be equipped with more knowledge on how to sell manufacturer products. Manufacturers can provide content to the app to educate dealers on new items.
  • Easier ordering – Dealers can place orders with sales reps directly through the app both in-store and at industry trade shows. Order history is saved for easy re-ordering and forecasting.
  • One-stop for pro-staff and sales rep contact Info – The app will provide dealers with contact information for their local rep and pro-staffer.

“The Dealer Pro App will provide a more effective solution for reaching and communicating with our dealers. The dealer is such a crucial part for our industry and until now, it’s been extremely hard for many manufactures to effectively communicate with them,” said Josh Dutton, vice president, sales, Kelly Brand Management. “Brands are built with the dealer and our Dealer Pro App will give KBM manufacturers an advantage in doing just that.”

KBM contracted App Dudes to build its Dealer Pro app. App Dudes CEO, Matt Pell is also the developer of Accubow, the popular archery training bow and app.  

“I couldn’t be more excited about the KBM Dealer App. It’s going to allow us to build a much more efficient channel of communication with our dealer network. We will be able to relay details about our product line, new product launches, marketing materials, and tutorial videos in order to help better educate our dealer network about our product line and also help our dealer network sell more of our products to their customers,” said Matt Pell, CEO Accubow, App Dudes. “Now we can keep our dealer network up to the minute with our product line, so that they can sell our products very easily and quickly.”

KBM’s Dealer Pro app is free to download and available through Google Play and the App Store.

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