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New Industry Consultancy Goes Beyond Sales Channel Activation

>>Kelly Brand Management Provides Comprehensive Sales Channel Management plus robust E-commerce and Business Development Solutions

Atlanta, GA – February 19, 2020 – Kelly Brand Management (KBM), a sales, marketing, and business management consultancy was founded to provide growth solutions for Sporting Goods/Outdoor manufacturers. Since the company’s launch late last year, it has steadily added enhanced services and new client segments to its portfolio. KBM aims to position itself as a true one-stop market services provider.

Joel Bell, president, Kelly Brand Management, 38-year industry veteran, explains the driving force for founding the business.

“Most, if not all, retail sales channels have experienced a tremendous amount of consolidation, and likewise, agencies have consolidated, or gone out of business,” said Bell. “There has been a void in the way many sales agencies do business. “I sensed there could be tremendous potential for an agency able to cover the entire U.S. offering first-class sales management alongside marketing, e-commerce and business consulting services. The possibilities seem limitless.”

Led by Bell, the KBM team encompasses a powerhouse of sales and e-commerce talent – holding longstanding relationships with dealers, buying groups, distributors, big box, and e-commerce – its management team possessing a combined 100 years’ experience in the field.

“We are outdoorsmen, and as end-users as well as sales channel experts, we have insight into quality products, with an eye on new and innovative concepts. Our philosophy is to work with the best brands in various industries, and provide our customers with competitive product reviews and recommendations. The team’s product and industry knowledge helps customers understand how to make informed buying decisions, and clear, consistent communication ensures product sell-through and proactive response,” said Bell.

KBM launched in sporting goods and outdoor, acquiring clients like Accubow, Insights, Swhacker, TAC Vanes, C’Mere Deer, October Mountain Products, Atsko, Elevation, Fin-FInder, Bone Collector Game Calls, WhiteTail’R, Realtree Fishing and Black Heart, Pennington Wildlife Seed, Planet Earth Eyewear, among others.

Its recently established Alternate Channel Sales division includes Farm & Fleet, Arts & Crafts, Auto/Transportation, Health, Home Improvement, Hardware, Office, Discount Travel, Dollar Stores and Home.

Through the combined focus on sporting goods and alternate sales channels, KBM clients have broader access to market channels, and greater product reach and awareness.  

E-commerce is a key service pillar of KBM. KBM e-commerce offers full-service sales, marketing, brand advocacy and business intelligence support to manufacturers, distributors and others. The team has relationships with a breadth of customers from pureplay through to brick and click across a wide variety of industries including mass, big box, club, foodservice and specialty niche.  

“As e-retailer platforms become increasingly specialized, we are receiving more requests for support. Even in companies with in-house e-commerce roles, we are oftentimes finding these companies still outsource e-commerce management, because of the specialization and skill sets required to navigate across channels,” said Bell.

Being organized under Kelly Products, an agribusiness company specializing in manufacturing, software and food retail, among other interests, uniquely positions KBM to leverage the services of sister companies to provide comprehensive product-to-market client solutions beyond those of traditional sales agencies.

Kelly Consulting offers strategic planning, ROI modeling and leadership development/training services. Other in-house capabilities include, Kelly marketing services – design, printing/packaging, website development – manufacturing, shipping, warehousing, IT/finance, 3PL and more.

KBM is developing innovative ways to meet client needs providing enhanced reporting and management tools. The company is deploying a software tool for sales reporting, forecasting, budgeting and ROI, among other key performance indicators. The program will also integrate with KBM’s new industry app.

Dealer Pro, an industry-first app created for the independent dealer business which launched in January, is currently being used by dealers and manufacturers providing increased, real-time sales opportunities. Free through Google Play and the App Store.

For more information about KBM Dealer Pro, visit

About Kelly Brand Management
A division of Kelly Products

Kelly Brand Management (KBM) is a sales, marketing, and business management consultancy delivering strategic sales channel management and e-commerce solutions. With a unique perspective and powerful range of brand development and comprehensive agency access to distribution, brick and mortar, buy group, dealer and e-commerce channels, KBM offers an “evolutionally better method” helping customers win. For more information, visit

About Kelly Products
Kelly Products, Inc. provides various segments of the agribusiness industry with essential information and automation solutions. Kelly Products’ business units help leading chemical companies formulate and bring winning products to market quickly, and assist departments of agriculture with electronic data capture, data tracking and funds collection for greater efficiency. Food and farm operations provide a path to market for regional producers. For more information, visit

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