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New Solution Empowers Pesticide Industry with Business Intelligence, When and Where They Need It

Kelly Registration Systems’ new Knowtify 2.0 delivers the most comprehensive information for companies in increasingly regulated, highly competitive industry

The heavily regulated pesticide industry faces increased pressure to ensure compliance, properly maintain product and ingredient registrations and meet disparate standards across different states. But staying current on constantly changing regulations, state requirements and active ingredient bans can be overwhelming. Ensuring compliance, successfully launching new products, and surviving in a brutally competitive landscape all require pesticide manufacturers to make quick business decisions in continuous context with the most current industry information and updates.

Kelly Registration Systems (KRS), a leading provider of essential information and automation solutions to the agribusiness and pesticide industry, today announced the release of Knowtify 2.0, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that gives subscribers turnkey access to the most comprehensive source of information on the pesticide industry. This includes regulated products, new product registrations, active ingredients, new companies and more. Knowtify 2.0 delivers up-to-date information that gives decision makers the insight they need to take informed action for their businesses.

Knowtify 2.0 Built on 20-Year History Helping Agrochemical Manufacturers

For more than 20 years, KRS has delivered products and services that help leading agrochemical manufacturers formulate winning products and bring them to market more quickly and easily. An exclusive offering of KRS, the Knowtify database has helped manufacturers for years by delivering information to business users in meaningful ways that uncovers key relationships within the data and industry trends. However, the pace of business today has increased the demand for speed and accessibility of this information. As a result, KRS has responded to the market demands with the following:

Knowtify 2.0 has been reengineered to further improve accessibility and usability.
Users can customize and save reports for future use and generate on-demand queries using intuitive keywords.
As industry updates are made available by the EPA or state departments of agriculture, the Knowtify system collects the information and communicates it to users through automated alerts that they set up in the system.
“Given the speed of science, regulations, and information, the pesticide industry is moving at a breakneck pace. Knowtify delivers the most cutting-edge, user-friendly, comprehensive source of intelligence for the pesticide industry that is critical to every aspect of the business, from new product development to risk management to customer service. This new version of Knowtify is built for businesses, so that users across the company can access the information they need, when they need it, to make better decisions,” said Stuart Edmondson, CTO of KRS.

Knowtify 2.0 has undergone usability studies and pilot testing with customers, receiving high reviews. The application is available for a flat-fee rate, delivering affordable, unlimited use. For more information, visit

About Kelly Registration Systems
Headquartered in Covington, Georgia, Kelly Registration Systems (a division of Kelly Products, Inc.) provides various segments of the chemical and agribusiness industries with essential information and automation solutions. KRS business units help leading chemical companies formulate and bring winning products to market quickly; assist departments of agriculture with electronic data capture, data tracking and funds collection for greater efficiency; and support gardening and landscaping interests by providing a wealth of information and assistance that fosters results for homes and businesses.