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SipcamAdvan Gets Aid for Product Strategy

Chemical Company focused on developing both traditional and bio-rational technologies to meet the changing needs of the agriculture, turf, ornamental, organic and home & garden markets

Getting the information needed to support product expansion by actively developing and registering differentiated products via partnerships with research-based companies

Follow the lead of a newly hired director of regulatory affairs, who came to the company with intimate knowledge of Knowtify, the Kelly Products solution for automated EPA data mining

Management team has immediate answers to virtually any pesticide question, including real-time business intelligence that helps to drive planning sessions

Knowtify Aids in Product Strategy

The Need to Mine EPA Data

As SipcamAdvan’s product strategy revolves around developing and registering new products based on partnerships with research based companies, a broad base of industry intelligence is  essential to that strategy’s success. When the company is considering moving into a new product area, it needs to know how many registrants there are in the marketplace and who has the  technical registration positions that make them the most likely candidates for synergies or partnering. EPA databases contain all the information that can answer those questions, but it’s  difficult to locate, and truly exhaustive manual searches are virtually impossible.

That’s why Kelly Registration Systems developed Knowtify, the regulatory data-mining tool for pesticide professionals. A Softwareas-a-Service (SaaS) solution accessible through web browsers 24/7 from any location, Knowtify gives subscribers the ability to conduct searches of virtually any aspect of regulated pesticide products, and to be notified immediately of any new information regarding products or active ingredients.

SipcamAdvan relies on Knowtify for periodic regulatory reviews. It also relies on Knowtify to identify movements in the marketplace that dovetail with its business strategy and big-picture  planning – and it does so in real-time, with Knowtify data mining a fixture in executive planning sessions.

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