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Agricultural Tax Exemption

Full card program management made simple for Departments of Agriculture and Revenue

As the world of agriculture grows to meet ever-changing economic needs, the speed at which your business operates should progress with it. Unfortunately for some states, tax exemption programs are clunky and time consuming—a huge miss for states looking to provide the best offering to their cardholders.

A Big Win for Commissioners, Assistant Commissioners, and your C-Suite

Consider the level of involvement your Departments of Agriculture has currently. In a perfect world with the right software, they would both own this process and pay for the program. Doing so gives them access to fully manage tax exempt applications.

Departments of Revenue, being a huge purchase influencer, should have applicant information in an easy-to-manage platform and cardholder information readily available. Doing so streamlines and simplifies the management of all businesses who are participating in the tax exempt program.

By working and communicating directly with the companies through which the card applicants purchase the product, Departments of Agriculture and Revenue are happier and overseeing program engagement and usage becomes highly manageable.

Tax-Exempt Card Program features include:

  • Creation and distribution of cards
  • Online application and renewal
  • Admin module to track and review applicants and program status
  • Business reporting for state departments of revenue

Worry-free program administration

Approved applicants receive a credit-card sized laminated card with all pertinent information and an additional keychain fob. Each card is printed and mailed by Kelly Registration Systems on behalf of the state.

We look forward to learning what your department needs and how our Tax-Exempt program can provide answers.

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