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Rock House Farm Hosts Annual Fun Day for Jay’s HOPE

Each year, the team at Kelly Products Inc. is proud to host the families and friends of Jay’s HOPE Foundation in Leesburg, GA at Rock House Farm for a day filled with fishing, balloon art, good eats, fellowship, and laughter.

In conjunction with Jay’s Hope mission, “to improve the quality-of-life of children and their families in Georgia by extending hope through social, emotional, spiritual, educational, and financial support”, our Kelly team, friends and family always enjoy spending the day with these wonderful kids who are battling childhood cancer.

Local families were able to enjoy the day with fishing, archery, and balloon art while our volunteers prepared a fresh lunch from the grill.

Founder Cindy Gaskins shares, “We’re so thankful to the Kelly’s and all the volunteers that make this day possible and that the kiddos [can] get away from the hospitals and treatment centers and just get to enjoy being kids and have a family day together.”

Those at the Kelly companies are thankful to provide an encouraging outlet for those families who may otherwise feel exhausted or down on their luck. Gathering at the farm, under the sunshine and in each other’s company, gives both the families stuck in this battle and the Kelly employees a chance to lean on each other.

It’s through serving our communities in events like these, that we’re reminded of a mission held dearest to owner and CEO Keith Kelly—to use our God-given gifts and talents to serve others as best we can. Whether it’s by teaching the kids how to fish, how to shoot a bow and arrow, or by providing a space to spend quality time with one another, everyone has a place and opportunity to reach and connect with those around them.

Jay’s HOPE stands firm in creating a full “Circle of HOPE” for these children and families, offering access to social events, play therapy, research materials, tutorial services, housing and travel, and even financial assistance. To learn more about their mission and how you can help, please visit