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Truett-McConnell University

Truett-McConnell University is equipping the next generation, through faith-based education. Our CEO established the Caroline Kelly Nursing Scholarship (in honor of his mother) for students of TMU’s nursing program in 2013.

Truett McConnell has been equipping leaders through a Biblically-centered education for more than 70 years. Its mission is to prepare students to boldly fulfill the Great Commission in whatever their calling may be.

From TMU

“We are radicals, adventurers, truth-seekers, earth-shakers. We love the Lord because He has loved us. We love His word because by it we understand His immortal truth. We love His Church because we are His body being honed to enact change on behalf of the Creator. We love the lost because Jesus has died for every single person and yearns to adopt them into our family. Charged to share this incredible gift to all that would hear, to the ends of the earth.”

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