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Paperless Fertilizer Tonnage Reporting Update

We recently attended the AAPFCO (Association of American Plant Food Control Officials) spring conference in Jacksonville, Fla, where we participated in a presentation on model documents and uniform reports.

The presentation included updates to the Paperless Fertilizer Tonnage Reporting (PFTR) initiative, headed by AgGateway and The Fertilizer Institute.

Since the PFTR program launched as a pilot in 2013, registrants and licensees have been able to submit data online to participating states via XLS, XML and AgGateway standard uploads. And now, for added value, XML validation is available through AgGateway.

This means all files will be validated prior to submission to the states, ensuring your data and XML message is in compliance with the standards and usage recommendations. Through this process registrants and licensees can expect secure uploads, personalized review and troubleshooting and PFTR Beta File Verified

Lila Brown, Implementation Specialist, PFTR Guide, provided this information on the initiative’s progress:

Standardized paperless tonnage reporting update

The PFTR initiative continues making steady progress. Staff (PFTR Guide) and products are now available for industry members to utilize in order to implement the paperless standards quickly and efficiently. Visit to see the services now available.

Recently, Kelly Registration Systems has teamed up with the initiative’s staff (PFTR Guide) to provide a validation service called Beta File Validation.

Beta File Validation includes a 2-hour process which tests required elements, syntax, expected data, recommended usage of element combinations, and the like.

Files that have been programmed to the Ag eStandards 5.3.xsd and the PFTR Usage Resource and that have been internally alpha tested can be Beta Verified within this 2-hour process.

Those with issues and errors will receive feedback on recommended fixes. Should more testing be required, an additional quote will be issued so that testing can continue and an accurate XML file is the result.

Upon successful completion of the Beta File Validation, you will receive an email confirming you are ‘Beta File Verified’. Please provide this to your state control official as proof that your XML is ready for final testing with the state.

Visit to learn more about the initiative. For more information, please contact Lila Brown at 763-682-0485 or

As an industry liaison, Kelly Registration Systems helps facilitate the software and development needs of state regulatory agencies.

AgGateway members can sign up for the paperless Fertilizer Tonnage Reporting Beta File Validation here. Other paperless fertilizer reporting products can be found at

Laura Rotroff
Marketing & Communications Manager
Kelly Products, Inc.